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Noam Chomsky: 'What exactly is the threat of Iran?' - Al Jazeera America (Jul. 22)
MIT Professor Noam Chomsky - PBS - Travis Smiley (June 3)
One Day in the Life of a Reader of the New York Times - (Apr. 6)
Magna Carta Messed Up the World, Here's How to Fix It - The Nation (Mar. 23)
Chomsky: Greece's Syriza & Spain's Podemos Face "Savage Response" Taking on Austerity "Class War" - Democracy Now (Mar. 3)
Chomsky: Paris attacks show hypocrisy of West's outrage - CNN (Jan. 19)



Chomsky: Elites Have Forced America into a National Psychosis to Keep Us Embroiled in Imperial Wars - Alternet (Dec. 2)
Chomsky: How the Young Are Indoctrinated to Obey - Alternet (Dec. 1)
Noam Chomsky: still going strong at 85 - Newsnight - BBC Newsnight (Nov. 26)
Noam Chomsky: The Long, Shameful History of American Terrorism - In These Times (Nov. 3)
Noam Chomsky: America, the World's Leading #1 Terrorist State - Alternet (Nov. 3)
Noam Chomsky: Only One Thing Will Make Israel Change Course - In These Times (Oct. 2)
The End of History? - In These Times (Sep. 4)
"A Hideous Atrocity": Noam Chomsky on Israel's Assault on Gaza & U.S. Support for the Occupation - Democracy Now (Aug. 7)
How Many Minutes to Midnight? - (Aug. 5)
For Gaza, 'The Norm' Is Devastating - In These Times (Aug. 4)
Noam Chomsky | The Sledgehammer Worldview - Truthout (Jul. 7)
Just Whose National Security? - In These Times (June 6)
Noam Chomsky: A Surveillance State Beyond Imagination Is Being Created in One of the World's Freest Countries - Alternet (June 2)
The Politics of Red Lines - In These Times (May 1)
Nuclear Weapons Won't Keep Us Safe - In These Times (Mar. 31)
In Times of Government Surveillance, Whose 'Security' Is at Stake? - In These Times (Mar. 3)
The Greatest Threat to World Peace - In These Times (Feb. 5)
Noam Chomsky on the Legacy of Ariel Sharon: Not Speaking Ill of the Dead "Imposes a Vow of Silence" - Democracy Now (Aug. 7)
A Brief History of Anarchism - In These Times (Jan. 9)



The betrayal of Gaza - NewStatesman (Nov. 8)
The high cost of neoliberalism - NewStatesman (June 28)



Noam Chomsky on 1968 - Noam Chomsky / New Statesman (May 8)

Can a Democrat Change US Middle East Policy? - Noam Chomsky / Khaleej Times (Apr. 3)

The War Everyone Forgot - Noam Chomsky / Khaleej Times (Feb. 29)

The Most Wanted List: International Terrorism - Noam Chomsky / Tom Dispatch (Feb. 26)

"Good News," Iraq and Beyond - Noam Chomsky / ZNet (Feb. 16)

Where's the Iraqi Voice? - Noam Chomsky / Khaleej Times (Feb. 1)

We Own the World - Noam Chomsky / Z Magazine (Jan. 1)


The Somalia Syndrom - Noam Chomsky / Khaleej Times (Dec. 23)

Waiting for Annapolis - Noam Chomsky / Khaleej Times (Nov. 16)

Derailing a Deal - Noam Chomsky / Khaleej Times (Oct. 7)

Cold War II - Noam Chomsky / ZNet (Aug. 27)

Options on the Table - Noam Chomsky / Khaleej Times (Aug. 23)

Responsibility and War Guilt: A Culture-Setting Intelligentsia - Gabriel Matthew Schivone, Noam Chomsky / ZNet (Aug. 16)

Democracy's Invisible Line - Noam Chomsky / Le Monde diplomatique (Aug.)

Guillotining Gaza - Noam Chomsky / Khaleej Times (Jul. 23)

Interventions - Noam Chomsky / ZNet (Jul. 17)

US-Iran Policy Dynamics - Noam Chomsky / Khaleej Times (Jun. 8)

Match Point [Noam Chomsky Vs. Alan Dershowitz on Norman Finkelstein] - Noam Chomsky, Alan Dershowitz / The New Republic (Jun. 1)

Starving the Poor - Noam Chomsky / Khaleej Times (May 15)

The New Cold War - Noam Chomsky / Khaleej Times (Apr. 1)

Tasting Blood - Noam Chomsky / Khaleej Times (Mar. 11)

A Predator Becomes More Dangerous When Wounded - Noam Chomsky / The Guardian (ZNet) (Mar. 10)

Noam Chomsky Connects the Dots: War, Neoliberalism and Empire in the 21st Century - Sameer Dossani, Noam Chomsky / Counterpunch (Mar. 9)

Chomsky on Iran, Iraq, and the Rest of the World - Michael Shank, Noam Chomsky / Foreign Policy in Focus (Feb. 16)

What's at Stake - Noam Chomsky / Khaleej Times (Feb. 14)

Five Minutes with: Noam Chomsky - Niral Shah, Noam Chomsky / Campus Progress (Feb. 1)

South America: Toward an Alternative Future - Noam Chomsky / International Herald Tribune (Jan. 5)


Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky and the Media - Noam Chomsky / (Dec. 3)

Latin America Is Finally Free - Noam Chomsky / Khaleej Times (Oct. 3)

Lessons of Lebanon - Noam Chomsky / Khaleej Times (Sep. 12)

On Israel, Lebanon and Palestine - Kaveh Afrasiabi, Noam Chomsky / Middle East Online (Aug. 7)

Apocalypse Near - Merav Yudilovitch, Noam Chomsky / ynet (Aug. 4)

On Corporations - Andrew Stephen, Marian Peleski, Ellen Lebowitz, Dana Garrett, Noam Chomsky / Delaware Watch (Jul. 24)

U.S.-Backed Israeli Policies Pursuing "End of Palestine" - Amy Goodman, Juan Gonzalez, N. Chomsky / Democracy Now (Jul. 14)

Solution in Sight - Noam Chomsky / Khaleej Times (Jun. 23)

NS Interview - Andrew Stephen, Noam Chomsky / The New Statesman (Jun. 19)

A View from the West - Torgeir Norling, Noam Chomsky / Global Knowledge (Jun. 14)

On Failed States - Noam Chomsky / Charlie Rose (Jun. 9)

A Just War? Hardly - Khaleej Times (May 9)

Subordinate and Non-Subordinate States - Khatchig Mouradian, Noam Chomsky / ZNet (May 8)

Perceptions of the "Unpeople" - ZNet (Apr. 26)

Afterword: Failed States - ZNet (Apr. 26)

On Hegemony and Disarmament - Shelley Walia, Noam Chomsky / The Hindu (Apr. 9)

Superpower and Failed States - Khaleej Times (Apr. 5)

On Iraq Troop Withdrawal, Haiti, ... - A. Goodman, J. Gonzalez, N. Chomsky / Democracy Now (Apr. 3)

On Failed States - Amy Goodman, Juan Gonzalez, Noam Chomsky / Democracy Now (Mar. 31)

The Israel Lobby? - ZNet (Mar. 28)

Chat with Chomsky - Washington Post (Mar. 24)

Chomsky Calls for Iraqi Reparations - The Harvard Crimson (Mar. 22)

Latin America and Asia are at Last Breaking Free of Washington's Grip - The Guardian (Mar. 15)

New World Relationships - Khaleej Times (Mar. 10)

A Tale of Two Quagmires (Interview) - Michael Hastings, Noam Chomsky / Newsweek (Jan. 6)

Beyond the Ballot - Khaleej Times (Jan. 6)

We Are All Complicit - Prospect (Jan.)


Chomsky: 'There Is No War On Terror' (Interview) - Geov Parrish, Noam Chomsky / WorkingForChange (Dec. 23)

On the Elections in Iraq (Interview) - Andy Clark, Noam Chomsky / Radio Netherlands (Dec. 18)

Chomsky Answers Guardian (Open Letter) - ZNet (Nov. 13)

Master Mind (Interview) - Noam Chomsky, Shira Hadad / Haaretz (Nov. 10)

Social Change Today (Interview) - Noam Chomsky, Steven Durel / ZNet (Nov. 7)

Intelligent Design? - Khaleej Times (Nov. 6)

Wanted a Leader for America - Khaleej Times (Oct. 5)

Doctrine of Good Intentions - Khaleej Times (Sep. 3)

We Must Act Now to Prevent Another Hiroshima -- or Worse - The Independent (Aug. 6)

Revisiting Hiroshima - Khaleej Times (Aug. 2)

DFire Interview: On the Future of Democracy - John Titlow / Dragon Fire (Jul. 5)

It's Imperialism, Stupid - Khaleej Times (Jul. 4)

What We Know: On the Universals of Language And Rights - Boston Review (Summer)

The Social Security Non-Crisis - Khaleej Times (Jun. 1)

Biolinguistics and the Human Capacity - Hungarian Academy of Sciences (May 18)

State and Corp.: Noam Chomsky Interviewed by ZNet Germany - ZNet (May 17)

Chomsky on Anarchism - AK Press (paperback) (May 15)

An Accident Waiting to Happen - Khaleej Times (May 2)

Noam Chomsky - Rebel Without a Pause - New Video Group (Apr. 26)

"Imminent Crises: Responsibilities and Opportunities" - Washington State University (Apr. 22)

Chomsky: It's Time to Take Back Our Lives - Jerry Large / Seattle Times (Apr. 21)

Chomsky on Iraq: An Interview - KUOW (Apr. 20)

The Idea of Universality in Liguistics and Human Rights - N. Chomsky, B. Rajagopal, E. Spelke / MIT World (Apr. 17)

Government in the Future (Open Media) - Seven Stories Press (paperback) (Apr. 15)

Rules and Representations - Columbia University Press (hardcover) (Apr. 10)

University of Human Rights - Khaleej Times (Apr. 10)

On Language and Freedom - University of Bologna (Apr. 1)

Hidden Power: Noam Chomsky on Resurrecting the Revolutionary Spirit of America - John Malkin / The Sun (April)

Dollars & Sins Interviews Chomsky - Danilo Mandic / Dollars & Sins (Mar. 26)

Noam Chomsky: Gifford Lecture - University of Edinburgh (Mar. 22)

The Toothpaste Election - Counterpunch (Mar. 12)

Promoting Democracy in Middle East - Khaleej Times (Mar. 4)

U.S. Might Face "Ultimate Nightmare" in Middle East - Amy Goodman / Democracy Now (Oct. 21)

Iraq And International Order - Khaleej Times (Feb. 5)

McNeill Interview with Noam Chomsky - David McNeill / ZNet (Jan. 31)

The Future of Iraq and U.S. Occupation - International Relations Center (Jan. 26)

Noam Chomsky with Tariq Ali - Tariq Ali / Lannan (Jan. 26)


Civilization Versus Barbarism?: An Interview - Junaid Alam / Left Hook (Dec. 23)

Imperial Presidency - ZNet (Dec. 17)

Media Control: The Spectacular Achievements of Propaganda - Seven Stories Press (Audio CD) (Dec. 15)

2004 Elections - ZNet (Nov. 29)

Hegemony or Survival: A Debate - Washington Post (Nov. 26)

Reshaping History - Al-Ahram Weekly (Nov. 18)

The Disconnect in US Democracy - Khaleej Times (Oct. 29)

On the State of the Nation, Iraq and the Election - Amy Goodman / Democracy Now (Oct. 21)

Understanding the Bush Doctrine - Information Clearing House (Oct. 2)

The Resort to Force - (Sep. 27)

Hegemony or Survival: America's Quest for Global Dominance - Owl Books (paperback) (Sep. 1)

War Crimes and Imperial Fantasies - D. Barsamian / International Socialist Review (Sep./Oct.)

From Central America to Iraq - Khaleej Times (Aug. 6)

The Savage Extreme of a Narrow Policy Spectrum - M. Chowkwanyun / Counterpunch (Jul. 31)

Anarchism Interview - Ziga Vodovnik / ZNet (Jul. 14)

On Reagan's Legacy - Amy Goodman / Democracy Now (Jul. 7)

Dominance and Its Dilemmas - Boston Review (Jul. 2)

Don't Mention the (reasons for) War - Red Pepper (Jul.)

Noam Chomsky Interview - Timo Stollenwerk / ZNet (Jun. 11)

Doctrines And Visions - ZNet (Jun. 7)

Middle East Illusions: Reflections on Justice and Nationhood - Rowman & Littlefield (paperback) (May 25)

An Interview with Noam Chomsky - Jeremy Paxman / BBC (May 19)

How Can America Get Out of Iraq - N. Chomsky, J. Schell, H. Zinn , W. Polk / The Guardian (May 12)

On Negroponte Appointment - Amy Goodman / Democracy Now (May 7)

The Progressive Interview - David Barsamian / The Progressive (May)

L'autisme de l'Empire (French/Arabic) - Le Monde Diplomatique (May)

Justice for Palestine? Q & A on prospects for a solution - J. Podur, S. Shalom / ZNet (Mar. 30)

US-Haiti - ZNet (Mar. 9)

World Order: An Interview with Noam Chomsky - Christopher J. Lee / Safundi (Apr.)

A Wall as a Weapon - The New York Times ( (Feb. 23)

American Amnesia Interviews Noam Chomsky - American Amnesia (Feb. 17)

An Interview with Noam Chomsky - Junaid Alam / Left Hook (Feb. 4)

What a Fair Trial for Saddam Would Entail - The Toronto Star ( (Jan. 25)

JAJ Interview with Noam Chomsky - John Bolender / Jump Arts Journal (Jan.)


Hot Type in conversation with Noam Chomsky - Evan Solomon / Hot Type (Dec. 9)

Propaganda and War: Iraq and Beyond - Emerson College (Nov. 24)

Dominance and Its Dilemmas - Boston Review (Oct./Nov. issue)

The Iraq War and Contempt for Democracy - ZNet (Oct. 31)

Preventive War 'the Supreme Crime' - ZNet (Aug. 11)

Le meilleur des mondes selon Washington (French/Arabic) - Le Monde Diplomatique (Aug.)

Barbaric Ambition - Al-Ahram Weekly (Mar. 27)

Deep Concerns - ZNet (Mar. 20)

The People in Gravest Danger - New Humanist (Mar. 1)

Wars of Terror - New Political Science ( (Mar.)

Interview: 'Of course, it was all about Iraq's resources' - Simon Mars / Gulf News (Feb. 12)

Ruling by Force - Al-Ahram Weekly (Feb. 6)


Human Rights Week 2002 - ZNet (Dec. 28)

A Modest Proposal - ZNet (Dec. 3)

Swamp Wars - Al-Ahram Weekly (Sep. 12)

The Crimes of 'Intcom' - Foreign Policy ( (Sep.)

Mirror Crack'd - Outlook India ( (Sept.)

Terror and Just Response - ZNet (Jul. 2)

Excerpt from "Back in the USA" - Red Pepper (May)

The War in Afghanistan - Z Magazine (Feb.)


Terrorism, Weapon of the Powerful (Arabic) - Le Monde Diplomatique (Dec.)

Terrorism Works - Al-Ahram Weekly (Nov. 2)

On the Bombings - Al-Ahram Weekly (Sep. 20)

A Quick Reaction - Counterpunch (Sep. 12)

Liberating the Mind from Orthodoxies - David Barsamian/ Z Magazine (May)

Voting Patterns and Abstentions - Z Magazine (Feb.)

How US Democracy Trumphed Again - The Independent ( (Jan. 14)

Extending U.S. Dominance by Any Means Possible - Michael Albert/ Z Magazine (Jan.)

Elections 2000 - Z Magazine (Jan.)


Blinded by the Truth - Al-Ahram Weekly (Nov. 2)

On American Military Aid and the Repression of Democratic Movements... - Gender Talk (Oct. 30)

The Meaning of Seattle: An Interview with Noam Chomsky - D. Barsamian / Z Magazine (Jul.)

Kosovo: In Retrospect, Part II - Z Magazine (May)

Kosovo: In Retrospect, Part I - Z Magazine (April.)

Talking 'Anarchy' With Chomsky - David Barsamian / The Nation (Apr. 5)

Another Way For Kosovo? - Le Monde Diplomatique ( (Mar.)


East Timor, horror and amnesia - Le Monde Diplomatique (Oct.)

World Order and its Rules - Z Magazine (Oct.)

The Progressive Interview - David Barsamian / The Progressive (Sep.)

Why Americans Should Care about East Timor - Mother Jones (Aug. 26)

Nato, Master of the World - Le Monde Diplomatique (May)


Nature, Nurture and the Struggle for Freedom: A Conversation with Noam Chomsky - Kate Soper / Red Pepper (Aug.)

Scenes from the Uprising - Z Magazine (Jul.)

Indonisia, Master Card in Washington's Hand - Le Monde Diplomatique (June)

Is Peace at Hand? - Z Magazine (Jan.)


Old Wine in New Bottles: A Bitter Taste - Electronic Journal of Radical Org. Theory (Jun.)

Language and Evolution - N. Chomsky, reply by John Maynard Smith / The New York Review of Books (Feb. 1)


Noam Chomsky Interview - ACLU (Oct. 30)

Chomsky on Anarchism, Marxism, & Hope for the Future - K. Doyle / Red and Black Revolution (May)


Humanitarian Intervention - Boston Review (Dec.)

The Clinton Vision - Z Magazine (Dec.)

"Mandate for Change," or Business as Usual - Z Magazine (Feb.)


Vain Hopes, False Dreams - Z Magazine (Sep.)


Universal Grammar - Noam Chomsky, reply by Lord Zuckerman / The New York Review of Books (Dec. 19)

Aftermath - Z Magazine (Oct.)

Middle East Diplomacy: Continuities and Changes - Z Magazine (Dec.)

Force and Opinion - Z Magazine (Jul.)

"What We Say Goes": The Middle East in the New World Order - Z Magazine (May)

The Gulf Crisis - Z Magazine (Jan.)


The Decline of the Democratic Ideal - Z Magazine (May)


Invasion Newspeak: U.S. & USSR - FAIR (Dec.)


The Empire and Ourselves - Solidarity (Apr. 19)


Protest from Israel - The New York Review of Books (Mar. 17)


The Meaning of Vietnam - The New York Review of Books (Jun. 12)

An Exchange on the Jewish State - Noam Chomsky, reply by Bernard Avishai / The New York Review of Books (Dec. 11)


The Repression at Belgrade University - Noam Chomsky, Robert Cohen / The New York Review of Books (Feb. 7)


Vietnam: How Government Became Wolves - The New York Review of Books (Jun. 15)


Russell Memorial Symposium - Jean-Paul Sartre, Noam Chomsky, V. Dedijer / The New York Review of Books (Dec. 30)


A Special Supplement: Cambodia - The New York Review of Books (Jun. 4)

Human Nature: Justice versus Power - Noam Chomsky debates with Michel Foucault /


A Frustrating Task - Samuel P. Huntington, reply by N. Chomsky / The New York Review of Books (Feb. 26)

A Reply to Joseph Alsop - The New York Review of Books (Aug. 21)


The Ethics of Intervention - Stanley Hoffman, reply by Noam Chomsky / The New York Review of Books (Dec. 27)

The Legitimacy of Violence as a Political Act?- Noam Chomsky debates with Hannah Arendt, Susan Sontag, et al. / (Dec. 15)

On Resistance - The New York Review of Books ( (Dec. 7)

On the Backgrounds of the Pacific War - Liberation ( (Sept./Oct. issue)

The Responsibility of Intellectuals - The New York Review of Books (Feb. 23)

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