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Cost of War in Iraq
3 Trillion
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Genius or Suicide

Judith Butler
London Review of Books

"Notoriously, he claimed he could shoot someone in the middle of Fifth Avenue and still win the election. Immunity from the law has become the very definition of power, and so the loss of immunity would be his demise. His belief that only those who can escape the law survive is demonstrated by his appeal to China to investigate the Bidens – a rhetorical repetition of the crime of which he is accused in relation to Ukraine. And yet, although Trump’s ostensible power is displayed by a willingness to act despite and against the law, the law is now belatedly rearing its head, asking him to turn over tapes and documents, seeking to hold him accountable. In refusing to acknowledge the power that the law holds over him, he is setting himself up as a target of the chant he started: ‘Lock him up!’" [...read more]


        MOST RECENT ADDITIONS (click author's name for books)


Chomsky and Ellsberg on the Death of Gorbachev / YouTube (3/02)
Unions’ Decline and the Rise of the Top 10 Percent’s Share ... / Economic Policy Institute (2/27)
On ‘la pensée unique’ - Ignacio Ramonet / Le Monde diplomatique (8/28)
Are We Living in a Computer Simulation? Let’s Not Find Out - Preston Green / NY Times (8/20)
Boris Johnson is more dangerous than Trump - P. Cockburn / The Independent (8/17)
The West is silent over the death of Morsi - Robert Fisk / The Independent (8/16)
First They Came for Assange - Yanis Varoufakis / Project Syndicate (5/23)
Inside Syria’s Secret Torture Prisons / The New York Times (5/11)
The media and the Mueller report - S. Halimi & P. Rimbert / Le Monde dipl. (5/1)
The Manufactured Controversy About Ilhan Omar and the Israel Lobby / MERIP (2/18)
Lebanon’s Caretaker Government Has Edged It Towards Economic Crisis / Economist (2/1)
Judge Richard Goldstone suffered for turning his back on Gaza - R. Fisk / Independent (1/5)
Until the rich world thinks 'one world,' migration will intensify - Slavoj Zizek / RT (12/17)
So, I Asked People in Saudi Arabia About Their Mad ... - Nicholas Kristof / NYTimes (12/15)
Miracles are on the rise in Lebanon / The Economist (12/13)
Down among the Dems - John Nichols / Le Monde diplomatique (12/1)
The Tragedy of Saudi Arabia's War - Declan Walsh / NYTimes (10/26)
Donald Q. Trump, Prestidigitator - Immanuel Wallerstein / FBC (7/30)
Democratic left, not liberal establishment, can defeat Trump - S. Zizek / RT (7/28)
Iraq protests: Demonstrators blame ‘bad government ...’ - P. Cockburn / Independent (7/27)
Sadrist Victory in Iraq: Victory for Whom? - Immanuel Wallerstein / FBC (7/1)
The only way to end the war in Syria - P. Cockburn / Independent (4/13)
Theresa May, your words about chemical warfare ... - Robert Fisk / The Independent (4/12)
The bare facts about the Gaza demonstrators ... - Saree Makdisi / Los Angeles Times (4/8)
The Russians are still coming - Serge Halimi / Le Monde Diplomatique (4/5)
Recurrent Themes: Corruption and National Security - Immanuel Wallerstein / FBC (4/1)
Trump's best new policy in the ME would be no new policy - P. Cockburn / Independent (11/4)
Chaotic Uncertainty - Immanuel Wallerstein / FBC (10/16)
A Nobel Peace Prize Winner’s Shame - Nicholas Kristof / The New York Times (9/11)
US foreign policy as bellicose as ever - Serge Halimi / Le Monde diplomatique (9/9)
'Manmade catastrophe': Yemen conflict has killed 1,100 children, says UN / Guardian (9/6)
Donald Trump's Foreign Policy - Immanuel Wallerstein / FBC (9/3)
London Police Reopen Investigation Into 1987 Killing of Palestinian Cartoonist / NYT (8/30)
The Photos the U.S. and Saudi Arabia Don’t Want You to See - Kristof / New York Times (8/29)
Pope says migrants' rights should override national security concerns / Reuters (8/21)
Dilemmas of the Radical Left - Immanuel Wallerstein / FBC (8/15)
The world’s most atheistic places, mapped / World Economic Forum (8/1)
Freed From ISIS, Yazidi Women Return in ‘Severe Shock’ - R. Callimachi / NY Times (7/29)
The Erasure of Islam from the Poetry of Rumi - Rozina Ali / New Yorker (7/27)
A Question of Justice - Alain Gresh / Le Monde diplomatique (7/26)
Islam: A Religion Of Love - William C. Chittick / Huffington Post (7/24)
The U.S. Election in 2018: Enthusiasm Gaps - Immanuel Wallerstein / FBC (7/20)
World's eight richest people have same wealth as poorest 50% / The Guardian (7/18)
Maryam Mirzakhani, Only Woman to Win a Fields Medal, Dies at 40 / New York Times (7/16)
Mosul families complain overuse of airstrikes ... - Patrick Cockburn / The Independent (7/14)
Sharp Partisan Divisions in Views of National Institutions / Pew Research Center (7/13)
Gaza: Israel’s Experiment on Humans in Situations ... - Gideon Levy / Global Research (7/10)
On Trump and the State of the Union - Noam Chomsky / NY Times (7/7)
Abu Ghraib: An Instance of America's Exercise in Revenge - Zeid Omran/Mideastdilemma (7/6)
U.S. Image Suffers as Publics Around World Question Trump’s ... / Pew Research Center (7/4)
Anger in the Rif - Aboubakr Jamai / Le Monde diplomatique (7/2)


Books of Interest


Barradori / Habermas / Derrida - Philosophy in a Time of Terror

Jean Baudrillard - The Spirit of Terrorism

Noam Chomsky - Middle East Illusions

Noam Chomsky - Distorted Morality: America's War on Terror (DVD)

Noam Chomsky - Manufacturing Consent (DVD)

N. Finkelstein - Image and Reality of the Israel-Palestine Conflict

Marshall Hodgson - The Venture of Islam

Albert Hourani - History of the Arab World

Paul Krugman - The Great Unraveling

Fawzi Mansour - The Arab World

Roy Mottahedeh - An Introduction to Shi'i Islam

Sheldon Rampton/John Stauber - Weapons of Mass Deception

Richards / Waterbury - A Political Economy of the Middle East

Edward Said - Covering Islam

Edward Said / Christopher Hitchens - Blaming the Victims

Jalal Toufic - Over-Sensitivity (Sun & Moon Classics, No 119)

Jalal Toufic / David / Sadek - Tamass 1

United Nations - Arab Human Development Report 2002

United Nations - Arab Human Development Report 2003

Paul Virilio - Ground Zero

Immanuel Wallerstein - The Decline of American Power

Slavoj Zizek - Iraq: The Borrowed Kettle

Slavoj Zizek - Welcome to the Desert of the Real


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